Welcome to Weddings & More. This is the one stop shop for all things weddings. This blog is going to be about the wedding process, and how to get what you need when your need it. Planning a wedding can be difficult and overwhelming, but I am here to make it easy and enjoyable.

Every girl grows up dreaming of her fantasy wedding. This blog is designed to help you get there. You will read about everything from the flowers, to the invitations, to the food that you are going to serve your guests, all these and more.

Many people don’t see the need for a wedding planner, but I am here to tell you that your day will not be the same without one. Wedding planners are there on the day to make sure that everything goes smoothly. There is no reason why the bride should be worrying about things that might be going wrong. She should be focused on the day and enjoying it.

I want to discuss difficulties that arise with parents in the planning process. I would also like to go over things such as who to leave off the guest list. Why you should avoid certain things, and gravitate toward others. The process can be a stressful one, but it is also the most fun that you could ever have, you just have to relax and let things work themselves out.

Whether you are having a small wedding or a big wedding, these tips will be invaluable. Stick with me and all your wedding dreams can become a reality. I look forward to positing more, and getting down to the ins and outs of weddings & more.


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