The Correct Color Palette

Many women have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls.  The details have changed a million times based on what they are into at that period of their life.  So choosing a color palette is one of the easiest parts of the wedding planning process.   For those of you who are not sure, however, let us discuss some options, and how to go about choosing those colors.

Take in to consideration the time of year that you want to get married.  All the seasons have certain colors that are associated with them.  For example, when you think of fall you think of oranges and earth tones. In winter you think deep reds, vibrant whites, and crisp green. In spring and summer you think pastels, and bright light colors.  There are also colors that transcend any season such as pink or black, yes black.  Don’t be afraid of black in your wedding, it can really make any other color you choose stand out.

When taking color into consideration you want to remember that these are the colors that are going to show in everything that you do from flowers, to even the cake.  Make sure that they go well together.  Whatever you choose make sure that you are 100% happy with it.  This is not the time to compromise with someone because they don’t like the color you have chosen, there will be other opportunities for that I assure you.

Whether you select golden tones, pastels, or even a vibrant red, know that it will look great.  Be confident in your decisions thus far. This should be the best part of the process, because in your mind it means that everything else is coming together.

What are your color palette ideas?  Let’s discuss this topic further.


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