Who to Invite, Who Not to Invite, That is the Question.

The guest list is a very important and often difficult part of the wedding planning process. The biggest questions that need to be asked are how many people do we want to invite? How many people can we afford to invite? Who are the people that we want to invite. Creating the guest  list is a very important part of the wedding, and what kind of atmosphere you are looking to have.

The first thing you want to do is talk with you finance about ground rules regarding the guest list. Who are the people that you do not want at your wedding? If you don’t want him to invite any ex-girlfriends, this is the time to let him know. If he doesn’t want you to invite that friend you are not really that close with but you hang out, who drinks too much and cries a lot, he needs to let you know now. Also if parents are paying for the wedding they need to be included in this rules making process as well.

Even if the parents are not paying for the wedding, they should have a small part in the guest list creating. In this part of the process there should be six people involved. Make sure that everyone knows how many people you are looking to invite. Every person should sit down and write a list of who they want to invite, or thinks should be invited to the wedding. Once this has been completed you can all look at the lists together, and the common people should be invited. This usually includes family.

.Once the necessary family is on the list you can move to friends, or even business relationships. Do remember, that just because your father or mother has worked for a company for many years does not mean their boss has to be invited. If you have never met the person, chances are they do not need to be at your wedding.

If you are on a tight budget you want to keep your list as small as possible. The more people that you invite the more money you are going to spend. Caterers, and cake decorators charge by the number of people, so the more people you have the more these are going to cost you.
Your wedding is a very special time, and it is not the time to invite people just to invite them. You can have an engagement party for that. This is the time to invite the people that really mean the most to you, so that they can share in your special day.

For more information on guest’s lists, or even how to get started there are many wed sites to go to. Weddingwire.com and even Office.com have great templates to get you started. Good luck, and have fun! Any questions pop up I am happy to discuss them, lets talk.


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