Creating an Inviting Invite

Done with the budget and the guest list, is it time for fun yet?  Almost! The last part of the planning process that is not much fun is sending out the invitations.  The first and most important step is to make sure that you have everyone’s address correct.   This also gives you an opportunity to verbally invite some of your guests.  Now remember if you invited them verbally you still need to send out an invitation.

When it comes to picking the kind of invitation that you want to send out keep your colors and theme in mind.  This is a great opportunity to tie in all the colors and or themes that you want, so that people can start to get a feel for what type of wedding you are going to have.  You can choose to have traditional stationary with black writing, you can choose to have a picture on your invitation, and you can even have fun shapes if you are having a beach theme, or even a garden or barn themed wedding.

There are many wed sites out there for assistance with wedding invitations.  There are sites that talk specifically about paper or sites if you are looking for a thriftier alternative.  There are also sites that will help you pick out what wording, whether you want something traditional or something more modern.

Whatever you do choose be confident in your choice.  If you are looking for a more modern spin, or even if you have traditional in mind, know that this is your invitation.  This invitation sets the stage in the minds of your guests for what is to come.

In your invitations you want to include RSVP cards that are accompanied by a stamped and addressed envelope, so that it is easy for your guests to put their response and send it in the mail.  This is also a time to put in a small slip of paper that let’s guest know where your bridal registry (which is not an official part of the planning process, but an accepted practice) is, or if instead of gifts you want a donation to be made to your favorite charity.  This is however, not the time to solicit money from your guests.

With the RSVP cards you want to include a date that the card should be returned to you by.  If you do not include this date, you could be getting responses back the day before the wedding, and you are going to have a dead line with you location for a final count of how many people will be attending.  Keep in mind that Facebook is not an official RSVP.  Kindly remind your guests that RSVP that way that you are looking forward to them coming, but can they send the RSVP card back for tracking purposes.

Go out and get creative!!


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