A Tuxedo or A Suite.. What will he wear?

Having purchased your dress, and leaving it to be altered to fit you perfectly, lets move to what your man will be wearing.  He does need to be dressed also.  This process is one of the easiest, however one of the most difficult to achieve.  Getting more than one guy together to try on close, is like pull teeth.  Just be patient and don’t over react when it doesn’t happen when you want it to, because 95% of the time it won’t.

The process for the men is similar to the women’s in that an appointment needs to be made at a place like Men’s Wearhouse, or any other tuxedo rental store in your area.  An appointment needs to be made so that the store is prepared with what you might need, and that way the process will go much faster.  If the guys just choose to walk in the appointment could take much longer than anticipated.

There are so many options when it comes to what the men in your wedding party will wear.  Also keep in mind for budgetary reasons that if your guys rent there tuxes from the same place the groom’s tux is usually free.

There are many color, and style options to go with when choosing the attire for the men.  There is the traditional black and white tux, but also an option of colored ties and cummerbunds or vest so that the men can match the colors or theme of the wedding.  There is also the idea of just a nice suite, and for the more eclectic a traditional zoot suite.

The men also need to be prepared for alterations so that whatever they plan on wearing fits them well.  They will need to allow enough time for this, but do not need as much time as the dresses will for the girls.

Whatever is chosen it will look great, and will really make the look of the bridal party complete.  So go get your guy, and drag him to the tux rental place of your choice, and have fun watching him squirm.


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