The Tunes That Make Your Day

The sounds of the day are one of the parts that will make your wedding really memorable.  Every time you hear certain songs it will take you back to the day, and make you smile.  The thing that people will remember most is how much fun the reception was, and that all happens with the right music.  In order to get the right music you have to hire the right DJ.

This is another step of the process where you really want to do your research.  Talk to other people you know who are married.  See who they used.  Ask people for recommendations.  In the Reno area there are several good DJ’s but no one better then Troy Fullmer.  There is also a local radio personality JJ Christy who does a great job as well.

Whoever you choose, you need to make sure that you have time to meet with them several times before the big day.  You want to make sure that they have just the right music for your event.  Give them a list of songs that you want played.  For example what song are you going to have your first dance too?  If you are having a hard time picking songs, they can also give great suggestions.

This will be your most constant budget item as far as price fluctuation, and it will also be one of the cheaper items on your wedding to do list.  Remember that you will need to tip this person, and gratuity for these services is usually 20-30%.

Now go get your groove on!


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