The Central Piece the Centerpiece

The reception is not the centerpiece of the wedding, but the centerpiece of the decorating for the reception is the centerpiece.  These will be the first thing that gets commented on once guests are seated.  This really needs to be the focal point of the decoration for the reception.  There are so many ways to do centerpieces correctly, and it does not need to take a large chunk out of your budget.

If you choose to have flowers as your centerpiece you are going to spend a lot of money that could be unnecessary.  There are so many other types of centerpieces to consider.  However do keep the height of your centerpiece in mind.  You either want one that is tall so that all your guests can see under it or one that it low to the table so that your guests can see over it.  You really want to avoid anything that is going to impede the sight of the guests at the table.  It is hard to hold a decent conversation with the person across from you when you can’t see them.

There are many cute ideas for centerpieces that might not cost a lot.  Peacock feathers are very popular, as well as candles.  There are also things like a fish bowl with different types of fish.  The centerpiece does not need to be complicated, but it does need to be classy.  It is very easy to have too much, and that can look tacky.  Simple is most always the most elegant.

Let your creative juices flow on this.  You can come up with some really great things in a couple hour planning session, and then you can choose from there.  Have fun, and enjoy the process.

Now go get your central piece!


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