Can you do me a Favor?

As a wedding coordinator the one question that I get asked the most is what kind of favors should the couple give out.  My answer is always the same.  What do you feel would be something that your guests would like to take home?

Everyone’s wedding is different, and the type of people that are being invited need to be considered.  For example, if the people you are inviting to your wedding don’t drink a cork screw is probably not a good favor for them.  When deciding what favors to have at your wedding you really need to consider your audience.

There are many great favors, and they do not need to be elaborate or expensive.  It can be as little as bubbles, or even a cookie cutter, or even a small piece of candy.  The options are endless, and a great place for favor ideas is The Oriental Trading Company.  They always have great things that are very inexpensive.

Whatever you do choose, you do want to personalize it.  A little ribbon with your names and wedding date is all you need.  You can even write a poem and have your picture attached.  It just needs to be something small so that people remember your special day. The favor is considered a thank you for attending our wedding, and putting a nice thank you note with your favor is always appreciated.

Whatever you decide to give as a favor, make it unique to you.  This is the time to say thank you for the support, and love that these people have given you.  Again it does not need to be elaborate, but it does need to be special to you.

Please discuss any ideas you have with me, I am always open.


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