With This Ring

Most guys think that once the engagement ring has been purchased, and the question has been asked their job is over.  Not always the case, however more and more guys are getting involved in the wedding planning process which is nice to see.  I digress.

There is another set of rings to buy.  The purchasing of the wedding bands should be something that is done together, and without any other distractions.  Make this a really special time for the two of you to pick out the rings that you are going to wear every day.  You can go to places like Jared Galleria of Jewelry, or even Rogers Jewelers.  Online shopping at Tacori is also an option.  Be careful when shopping for rings online however.  If you choose to order them online make sure you have eight to twelve weeks to have them re-sized if they do not fit correctly.

Now keep in mind that most engagement rings have a matching wedding band that goes along with it.  Do not fear you do not have to pick the matching band.  If you feel the engagement ring and band are too big for your hand just use the ring as your wedding band as well.  The options are really endless when picking a wedding band.

The more expensive route is to have your wedding bands custom made, but this can be a very nice touch.  A very popular trend recently is to have to inside of the wedding bands engraved.  This is also a sweet touch, and something that you can keep very close to you.  This ring does not need to be anything fancy; it just has to mean something to the two of you. I know a couple who had there rings welded out of metal.  The father of the groom made them, and that was something very special to them.

Whatever you decide think about it before you make that final purchase.  Make sure that this is what you really want to wear forever.  Now go out and find that perfect match set.



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