Lets Toast then Cut the cake

STOP!  For just a moment and think of all the things that you have accomplished so far when it comes to your wedding.  You have sent out the invitations, and booked a caterer, and a DJ.  You have bought the dress, and are counting down the days or months to your big day.  Now take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly.  You are doing a great job, and your wedding is going to be beautiful.  Now let’s talk about some of the little things that you have not yet purchased.

The items that we are going to discuss are probably the cheapest things that you are going to purchase in this whole process, but that does not mean that they are not as important as everything else so far.  These will be your toasting goblets and your cake cutter.  Now the reason that I lump them together is because a lot of the time people get them to all match.  This is not a requirement but is an option.

When you are considering what types of pieces you want, talk to your family, and see if there is something that is passed down.  That can make it really special.  I know a couple, the same couple that had there rings welded out of metal, had the same gentlemen weld their goblets and cake cutter out of the same material.  This was something that will always mean something very special to them.

These two items will be the centerpiece of the reception for you.  They are also items that can be displayed for years to remind you of the day you were married.    Things Remembered has some great options, and they also engrave anything that they sell.  Engraving these items is a great idea as well, but not necessary.  The Waterford Company also has great goblets, however they are a little pricier then it would be anywhere else.  Many department stores such as Dillard’s or Macy’s also have a great selection to choose from.

Contact me and we can discuss any other options further.



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