Dont Forget to Sign the Guest Book

Traditionally all weddings have a guestbook.  This is a book where people sign their names, so you know who all attended your wedding.  This notion is somewhat out of date. I mean let’s be honest, how many people actually pull out the guest book years later, and try to decipher all the names of the people that were at their wedding, no one that I have ever heard of.

A more modern approach to the guest book is having mats that frames a picture and have your guests leave little notes, and then that mat will frame and engagement or wedding photo, and you always have that to look at.  There is also an option of a photo guest book.  This is where the photographer at your wedding takes a picture of each of your guests, and they also write some advice or a well wish on a card, and your photographer puts together a photo guest book.

When it comes to your guest book you can really get creative.  There are so many new and different ideas that I hear every time I do a wedding.  I did a wedding about a year ago, where the guests signed in on a sheet of paper, and they were asked to put their home address, which is unusual for a guest book.  After the wedding the bride and groom bought a star for each of the guests and had the information about their star sent to each guest.  The couple then received a large map that included all the starts they had purchased, and displayed that in their home.

Now keep in mind that whatever you choose to do as a guest book, it does not need to be expensive. This is just to remind you of the people who attended your wedding.  It is even OK to not have a guest book.  I am happy to hear any new ideas on this matter.  Let us discuss this further, can’t wait to hear from you.


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