I Do!

Are you traditional?  Are you modern? Are you eclectic? Are you religious? Whatever your personality type, or belief system, there is a wedding ceremony that will fit your needs.  This is an opportunity to really show your guests who the two of you are together.

This will also be the cheapest part of your wedding.  Coming up with the ceremony script is FREE!!!! I am sorry to tell you that this is probably the only time that you will hear that word in the wedding planning process.  This might be the only free part of the wedding, but it is very important, and can be very difficult to come up with.

If you are going to have a more traditional wedding, your script will already be written for you, and the person who is officiating the wedding will just ask you to repeat after them.  In a more modern wedding the same can also hold true, however you may be required to write your own vows. Some religious ceremonies will allow you to write your own vows, but most have a standard script that they tend to stick to. The more original and creative you are the more fun the ceremony can be for you.  Just remember that you must have someone officiate who is registered in the state that you will be married in.  If you do not follow this one rule, you will not be legally married.

The length of the ceremony really depends on what type of ceremony you are going to have.  In a more traditional religious ceremony it (the ceremony) can last any where from 20 minutes to an hour.  Unless you are getting married in the catholic church where mass can last anywhere from and hour and a half to four hours depending on what part of the world the ceremony is held.

Keep in mind that the ceremony is really for the two of you, and your guests are just witnessing your nuptials.  You need to make it what you want it to be.  As part of most ceremonies there is some sort of union tradition.  It can be a unity candle, this is where you take two candles and light one symbolizing the coming together of the bride and groom.  There is also a sand ceremony, this is where the bride and groom choose two different colors of sand, and during the ceremony the sands are combined together, also symbolizing the union of the couple.  Then there is the rose ceremony.  This is where the officiate gives the couple a rose plant.  This plant will grow and flourish with love, sometimes it will look sad, but just like love with understanding and care, everything can prosper.

Now I know that I said that writing the ceremony was free, but remember that you need to pay the person conducting the ceremony, and it is customary to tip at least 10%.  Whatever you choose make it your own and enjoy.

Lets’ discuss some other ideas that you might have.


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