It’s Time To Party!!

I know what you are thinking, when is it time to relax and have fun?  Well that will come at your reception.  The reception is a time to celebrate the union that the two of you just entered into.  There are so many traditions surrounding the reception.

The first reception tradition is usually the dancing.  This tradition started in ancient Africa.  The tribes would dance around the bride and groom to fend off any evil spirits that are trying to creep in and ruin the union.  It was also popular in Native American tribes and signified good luck, and prosperity.

The cake cutting ritual started in parts of the ancient world.  This is where the local priest, or religious leader would break bread over the brides head, and if crumbs fell onto her head that means that she would have a lot of children.  Good thing we don’t do that now, that is a lot of wasted cake, and you would have some unhappy guests.

The ritual of the toasting started first in Australia, and then moved to England in the 1600’s, and as a result came to the United States with the first colonists.  This was an opportunity for people to wish well the bride and groom.  Australian lore says that if no toast was given at the wedding then the bride and groom would die within months of their wedding.  If that was the case I would have toasting also.

The tossing of the bouquet and the garter are things that started in the United States, and have slowly moved to other countries due to the influence of Hollywood, and marketing American Movies in other countries.  This just started out as a match making proposition that started in the 1920’s and grew into the tradition that we know it today.

Every nation, religious belief and country has their own way of doing the reception.  Whatever you decide make it your own.  Have fun, and make sure that there is not a lot of pressure for you to be doing many things during the reception.  This is a time for you to enjoy your guests and enjoy each other.

The master of ceremonies will be your DJ, and they will be able to walk you through the process on the day of your wedding.  This should be the least stress that you will have.  You will talk to your DJ about what music you want played, and what type of activities you will have at your reception, and you can leave the rest to them.

Do you have stories of things you have seen at receptions?  I would love to hear them, contact me and lets talk.


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