Drinks Are On You!

I am not sure why this is but one of the more difficult decisions that needs to be made is whether to have an open bar or not.  This should really be an easy decision, but in the past few years it has been hotly debated by many couples.  While making sure that your guests are having a good time is essential, the cost of having said open bar can be astronomical.

There are a few good points to having an open bar.  However there are many downsides, not only do you have extremely drunk guests, but also you have an enormous cost that you might not have anticipated.

A suggestion that I always recommend to my brides are put a limit on the bar.  When you say that as soon as your guests reach a certain amount of money at the bar that is when they must begin to pay for their own. There is also the solution for buying bottles of wine, and they can have wine for free, but anything else they must pay for on their own.  There is also the host bar where the guest pays for any alcohol.

The reason that this is such a hot issue is because some feel that if you are inviting people to your wedding, they should not have to pay for their own drinks.  However, the bigger issue here is the safety of your guests.  No one on their wedding day should have to worry about who they are going to have to call a cab for at the end of the night.  There will always be one or two people whatever you decide, who enjoy themselves a little too much, but that is more manageable then your entire guest list.

Whatever the choice, it is up to the couple or the person paying for the wedding.  An open bar can run up the tab by a few thousand dollars, and if the couple is on a budget this in not a good idea.  Remember though whatever ever the choice, have fun, be safe, and enjoy your wedding day.

Contact me I am open to discussing any ideas anyone has on this topic.


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