Where Do I Sit?

Another hotly debated subject regarding the wedding planning process is whether to have a seating chart or not.  There is really no right or wrong answer to this which makes it more difficult.  Many people feel that a seating chart will keep people who don’t like each other from sitting together.  However, I have found that if someone doesn’t like someone else they generally try to stay away from that person.

If the seating chart is the way that you want to go, please keep in mind that it can be very time consuming, and difficult to accomplish well.  The larger your guest list the harder it is going to be to do a seating chart.  A seating chart however can be really easy if you have very few guests, and you have one long table.

There are many ways to help guests identify where they are to sit if the seating chart is the way that you go.  There is the chalk board, which can look very nice if done well, and there is also the map approach.  However, the easiest thing to do is to have name plates that are set at each place setting with the person’s name on it.  This can be difficult for set up however, and close attention needs to be paid.

An alternative to the seating chart are the family tables.  This is a much easier process, and allows families to sit together.  In this approach you just reserve two to four tables and put a sign on them that says family.  You can also put the last name on the sign if you want specific family to sit at a certain table.  This approach tends to work well, and it is much easier then assigning every guest their own seat.

There are many different opinions on this subject, and I would be glad to hear what you think.  Contact me, and we can discuss your ideas.


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