Just to say Thank you!

As the wedding approaches there are a few small tasks that need to be taken care of. One of the more important small tasks is getting a gift for all the members of your bridal party. This gift is intended to show them the appreciation that you have for them taking the time to share your special day with you. The bridal party also takes time to plan events such as a bridal shower, and a bachelor/bachelorette party, and you should show your gratitude to them.

The gifts can be anything that might mean something to you. Some ideas are purchasing your bride’s maid’s dresses, and groomsmen’s tux. This however can be a very expensive endeavor. The gift that you give does not need to be expensive it just needs to be meaningful. Many places have gifts such as David’s Bridal. There is also a great website called The Knot that has many great ideas.

Whatever you decide make it something personal. Don’t just give a blanket gift to everyone, although it is easier to keep track of that way, it means more when the gift is personalized and from the heart. You want to show you’re appreciation to them, and it says more when the gift is from the heart.

The bridal party gifts are the one thing that is most often forgotten on the budget. Don’t panic! A lot of times there are things on the budget that don’t cost as much as you anticipate, and this is a great place to get that money from. There are also very cheap ideas that work just as well. I had one bride about a year ago write a poem for each of her bridesmaids. The poem talked about what that person meant to her, and what it meant that they were sharing that day with her. They were very touching, and the girls loved them. Another bride took a picture of all the girls at the bachelorette party and put them in a frame with each girls name on it.

It can be very simple, but sometimes the simplest gift is that one that means the most. I would love to hear what you have done, or have gotten. Contact me and we can discuss different ideas for a great bridal party gift.


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