Time To Practice

I have been asked many questions throughout my years of wedding planning.  The one that I get asked more often than not however, is why there needs to be a rehearsal.  The rehearsal is an essential part of the wedding process.  The day of the wedding can be very stressful, and that is not the time to decideDinner 1 who is walking in where, and with whom.  Most of the questions about the ceremony can be answered during the rehearsal.

The rehearsal gives an opportunity for the minister to go over with the couple for the final time what will be said during the ceremony and it also give the bridal party timing tips.  In order for anything to run smoothly there needs to be a practice.  A football team would go out on the field to play a game without practicing, so why should a bride walk down the aisle without it.

The best part of the rehearsal is the dinner.  This is where the essential family members can get together for the first time, and enjoy each other’s company.  The dinner is just meant to be a fun get together the day before the wedding.  This is the appropriate time to give the bridal party gifts, and also any gifts that may have been purchased for the parents (not a necessity, but something sometimes donDinner 2e).

Many restaurants all over have rooms that can be rented out for parties of this nature.  There are places like Claim Jumper, Flowing Tide Pub, PF Changs, and many many others.  Some have tried potlucks in the past, but they don’t always work out, and this is not really a good time for something like that.  This is a time to relax and have someone else do the work.

Have fun and enjoy this time with your family and friends.  The wedding day can be stressful, and hard to enjoy, but the rehearsal dinner should be a time to relax, have a couple drinks, and not think about the next day.

Let’s talk about the plans that you have for your rehearsal dinner, and see what ideas we can come up with so that you can have a great time, and enjoy yourself.  I can’t wait to hear from you.


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