Dont Forget to Sign the Guest Book

Traditionally all weddings have a guestbook.  This is a book where people sign their names, so you know who all attended your wedding.  This notion is somewhat out of date. I mean let’s be honest, how many people actually pull out the guest book years later, and try to decipher all the names of the people that were at their wedding, no one that I have ever heard of.

A more modern approach to the guest book is having mats that frames a picture and have your guests leave little notes, and then that mat will frame and engagement or wedding photo, and you always have that to look at.  There is also an option of a photo guest book.  This is where the photographer at your wedding takes a picture of each of your guests, and they also write some advice or a well wish on a card, and your photographer puts together a photo guest book.

When it comes to your guest book you can really get creative.  There are so many new and different ideas that I hear every time I do a wedding.  I did a wedding about a year ago, where the guests signed in on a sheet of paper, and they were asked to put their home address, which is unusual for a guest book.  After the wedding the bride and groom bought a star for each of the guests and had the information about their star sent to each guest.  The couple then received a large map that included all the starts they had purchased, and displayed that in their home.

Now keep in mind that whatever you choose to do as a guest book, it does not need to be expensive. This is just to remind you of the people who attended your wedding.  It is even OK to not have a guest book.  I am happy to hear any new ideas on this matter.  Let us discuss this further, can’t wait to hear from you.


Lets Toast then Cut the cake

STOP!  For just a moment and think of all the things that you have accomplished so far when it comes to your wedding.  You have sent out the invitations, and booked a caterer, and a DJ.  You have bought the dress, and are counting down the days or months to your big day.  Now take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly.  You are doing a great job, and your wedding is going to be beautiful.  Now let’s talk about some of the little things that you have not yet purchased.

The items that we are going to discuss are probably the cheapest things that you are going to purchase in this whole process, but that does not mean that they are not as important as everything else so far.  These will be your toasting goblets and your cake cutter.  Now the reason that I lump them together is because a lot of the time people get them to all match.  This is not a requirement but is an option.

When you are considering what types of pieces you want, talk to your family, and see if there is something that is passed down.  That can make it really special.  I know a couple, the same couple that had there rings welded out of metal, had the same gentlemen weld their goblets and cake cutter out of the same material.  This was something that will always mean something very special to them.

These two items will be the centerpiece of the reception for you.  They are also items that can be displayed for years to remind you of the day you were married.    Things Remembered has some great options, and they also engrave anything that they sell.  Engraving these items is a great idea as well, but not necessary.  The Waterford Company also has great goblets, however they are a little pricier then it would be anywhere else.  Many department stores such as Dillard’s or Macy’s also have a great selection to choose from.

Contact me and we can discuss any other options further.


With This Ring

Most guys think that once the engagement ring has been purchased, and the question has been asked their job is over.  Not always the case, however more and more guys are getting involved in the wedding planning process which is nice to see.  I digress.

There is another set of rings to buy.  The purchasing of the wedding bands should be something that is done together, and without any other distractions.  Make this a really special time for the two of you to pick out the rings that you are going to wear every day.  You can go to places like Jared Galleria of Jewelry, or even Rogers Jewelers.  Online shopping at Tacori is also an option.  Be careful when shopping for rings online however.  If you choose to order them online make sure you have eight to twelve weeks to have them re-sized if they do not fit correctly.

Now keep in mind that most engagement rings have a matching wedding band that goes along with it.  Do not fear you do not have to pick the matching band.  If you feel the engagement ring and band are too big for your hand just use the ring as your wedding band as well.  The options are really endless when picking a wedding band.

The more expensive route is to have your wedding bands custom made, but this can be a very nice touch.  A very popular trend recently is to have to inside of the wedding bands engraved.  This is also a sweet touch, and something that you can keep very close to you.  This ring does not need to be anything fancy; it just has to mean something to the two of you. I know a couple who had there rings welded out of metal.  The father of the groom made them, and that was something very special to them.

Whatever you decide think about it before you make that final purchase.  Make sure that this is what you really want to wear forever.  Now go out and find that perfect match set.


Can you do me a Favor?

As a wedding coordinator the one question that I get asked the most is what kind of favors should the couple give out.  My answer is always the same.  What do you feel would be something that your guests would like to take home?

Everyone’s wedding is different, and the type of people that are being invited need to be considered.  For example, if the people you are inviting to your wedding don’t drink a cork screw is probably not a good favor for them.  When deciding what favors to have at your wedding you really need to consider your audience.

There are many great favors, and they do not need to be elaborate or expensive.  It can be as little as bubbles, or even a cookie cutter, or even a small piece of candy.  The options are endless, and a great place for favor ideas is The Oriental Trading Company.  They always have great things that are very inexpensive.

Whatever you do choose, you do want to personalize it.  A little ribbon with your names and wedding date is all you need.  You can even write a poem and have your picture attached.  It just needs to be something small so that people remember your special day. The favor is considered a thank you for attending our wedding, and putting a nice thank you note with your favor is always appreciated.

Whatever you decide to give as a favor, make it unique to you.  This is the time to say thank you for the support, and love that these people have given you.  Again it does not need to be elaborate, but it does need to be special to you.

Please discuss any ideas you have with me, I am always open.

The Central Piece the Centerpiece

The reception is not the centerpiece of the wedding, but the centerpiece of the decorating for the reception is the centerpiece.  These will be the first thing that gets commented on once guests are seated.  This really needs to be the focal point of the decoration for the reception.  There are so many ways to do centerpieces correctly, and it does not need to take a large chunk out of your budget.

If you choose to have flowers as your centerpiece you are going to spend a lot of money that could be unnecessary.  There are so many other types of centerpieces to consider.  However do keep the height of your centerpiece in mind.  You either want one that is tall so that all your guests can see under it or one that it low to the table so that your guests can see over it.  You really want to avoid anything that is going to impede the sight of the guests at the table.  It is hard to hold a decent conversation with the person across from you when you can’t see them.

There are many cute ideas for centerpieces that might not cost a lot.  Peacock feathers are very popular, as well as candles.  There are also things like a fish bowl with different types of fish.  The centerpiece does not need to be complicated, but it does need to be classy.  It is very easy to have too much, and that can look tacky.  Simple is most always the most elegant.

Let your creative juices flow on this.  You can come up with some really great things in a couple hour planning session, and then you can choose from there.  Have fun, and enjoy the process.

Now go get your central piece!

The Tunes That Make Your Day

The sounds of the day are one of the parts that will make your wedding really memorable.  Every time you hear certain songs it will take you back to the day, and make you smile.  The thing that people will remember most is how much fun the reception was, and that all happens with the right music.  In order to get the right music you have to hire the right DJ.

This is another step of the process where you really want to do your research.  Talk to other people you know who are married.  See who they used.  Ask people for recommendations.  In the Reno area there are several good DJ’s but no one better then Troy Fullmer.  There is also a local radio personality JJ Christy who does a great job as well.

Whoever you choose, you need to make sure that you have time to meet with them several times before the big day.  You want to make sure that they have just the right music for your event.  Give them a list of songs that you want played.  For example what song are you going to have your first dance too?  If you are having a hard time picking songs, they can also give great suggestions.

This will be your most constant budget item as far as price fluctuation, and it will also be one of the cheaper items on your wedding to do list.  Remember that you will need to tip this person, and gratuity for these services is usually 20-30%.

Now go get your groove on!

Who wants some cake?


Have you ever said to yourself I never want to eat cake again?  Well after you pick out your wedding cake you just might.  The process for picking out your cake can be very creative, and very rewarding, but it can also give you a stomach ache.

There are so many options when it comes to picking the perfect wedding cake.  You can have a square cake, a round cake, cupcakes, or even a doughnut cake.  This is another step where you want to keep your budget close at hand, because it can get out of control very quickly.  Remember that the cake decorator will charge per person, not on the type of cake you choose.

Not only are there many types of cakes, but there are also many places to choose from to get your cake.  In the Reno area there places such as Dee’s Bakery, Tiers of Joy, and For the Love of Cake.  You are welcome to shop around.  Do some research, visit websites.  Really look at what kinds of cakes the person has done before and make your choice based on who’s work you like best.

Once you have selected who you would like to go with, then make an appointment to meet with them, and go over ideas.  Remember that you don’t have to have a finalized cake on your first meeting.  The best part is that you are going to get to sample different types of cake in order to choose the kind of cake, and what filling you like the best.  This is where you will begin to hate cake, at least for a week or two.

Your cake is another great place to incorporate color scheme, or theme.  You can also do a cake that represents what the two of you enjoy as a couple.  For example, if you are dog lovers, you can have a cake with dog bones on it, or even shaped like a dog bone.  If you like fishing, you can have a fish shaped cake.  The possibilities now days are endless.

Trust your cake decorator and know that they are going to do a great job, and that you are going to have a great cake, not only to eat, but for pictures also.  Now go eat some cake!!